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Faculty/Student request for permission to use copyrighted material


Avondale University holds a number of licenses to cover student and faculty use of copyrighted materials for education, worship, social and outreach activities.

If, however, you wish to use more of a copyright work than is permitted under the Copyright Act, or material which is not covered by licenses and agreements held by Avondale University, then permission from the copyright owner must be sought.

While every effort will be made to complete your request quickly, please bear in mind that it may take time to identify the copyright owner and/or negotiate permission to use. Plan ahead, and give as much time as possible for your request to be processed.

Please note:

  • The creator of a copyright work is not always the copyright owner
  • Copyright holders may refuse to grant permission
  • Copyright holders may charge a fee for use
  • If the copyright owner cannot be found, you are NOT free to use the material
  • If the copyright owner does not respond to the request, you are NOT free to use the material
  • If the copyright owner is an individual who has died, or a company which has gone out of business, the copyright ownership may have been passed on to another individual, or distributed elsewhere.
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