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How to Apply for Accommodation


To apply for on-campus accommodation, you must: 

  • Be intending to enrol in a course at Avondale University as a part-time or full-time student or
  • Be an enrolled student at another University but choose to live on campus at Avondale University*.
  • Be willing to comply with all Avondale University residential policies and guidelines, for example, the Occupancy Agreement, Conditions of Occupancy, and the Residential Hall Handbook.

*Please note that Avondale University students will be given priority. See Conditions of Occupancy

Accommodation Options

When applying you will be asked to choose your residence: 

  • Lake Macquarie Residential Halls
    There are two residential halls located within Avondale’s picturesque surroundings and are in Avondale’s inner campus precinct. Ella Boyd Hall Residence is our female-only residence. All rooms are single room occupancy, with the capacity to accommodate 160 residents. Watson Hall Residence is our male-only residence which accommodates 158 residents in 92 single rooms and 66 twin rooms. The residences have shared kitchens, bathrooms and common areas. 
  • Lake Macquarie Uni View Units
    The Lake Macquarie campus provides independent accommodation to mature-aged students, married couples and small families in our Uni View housing community. There are 36 units available, each has two bedrooms, a lounge room/living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, storage area and carport; all located within a 15-minute walk from the centre of campus. For Avondale students only. 
  • Sydney Residential Halls
    The Sydney Campus Nurses Residence is located on the grounds of the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH), Wahroonga, the largest private hospital in Australia. The Nurses Residence houses up to 240 residents in gender specific wings, with 100 beds for Avondale students. All rooms are single room occupancy with shared facilities. To reside on the Sydney Campus, applicants must be 18 years of age. For Avondale Students only.

How to Apply

New Applicants

  • You must register on the ResLife Portal so that you can receive your login details (email address and password). 
  • Provide your full name in the same order as they appear on your passport, driver’s licence or birth certificate. 
  • You must complete all questions on the application form in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 
  • If you have your Avondale University Student ID number, please enter it at the time of application.

Returning Residents

  • If you are currently staying in an Avondale University residence (or have stayed in one before) you will need to register on the ResLife Portal so that you can receive your login details (email address and password) 
  • To update your details and apply for next year’s accommodation, you simply log into the ResLife portal with your email address and password.

Tips for Using the Res Life Portal

Use a valid email address

  • Provide a current, reliable email address to ensure that you receive any important communication. 
  • You may need to add [email protected] to your contacts list, otherwise our emails may be rejected or placed in junk mail. 
  • Avoid using your school email address, as these generally expire after the school term or when you graduate.

Time Limit

The application portal will automatically log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If this occurs, simply log back in using your email and password.

Your Application Status

Uni View Units and Sydney Residential Hall applications are forwarded to a third party and they will contact you directly.

Lake Macquarie Residential Hall applications will be reviewed upon submission. Your application does not guarantee placement in our accommodation options. Our accommodation team will review all applications and make appropriate allocations. Where possible, our accommodation team will honour preferences, however at times the accommodation team may not be able to honour preferences.

Submission of an application does not guarantee placement in accommodation or in your preferred room within the residence.

Accepting an offer of accommodation

  • Successful applicants must accept their offer prior to move-in day, otherwise, the offer will be automatically cancelled.

You can check the status and progress of your application if you are applying for the Lake Macquarie Residential Halls at any time using your email address and password to log into the ResLife Portal.

Changing your Preferences for Lake Macquarie Residential Halls

Prior to offers going out

  • You may change your preferences prior to offers going out by contacting the Avondale Accommodation Team at [email protected] and requesting a change in preference. In all correspondence, please provide your full name and student number when you applied.
  • Application date is considered when sending an offer.
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