SSAF Breakdown

Location and study modeSSAF for
SA1, 2020​
SSAF for
SA2, 2020
Lake Macquarie full time on campus100%$154$154$308
Lake Macquarie part time on campus​75%$115$115$230
Lake Macquarie off campus (distance) or mixed mode50%$77$77$154
Sydney on campus, full time or part time​50%$77$77$154

3-4 units is considered full-time and 2 units or less is considered part-time.

How SSAF is charged:

The fee will be invoiced per study period and payable by the census date of each study period based on the units enrolled in that study period.

​The maximum amount that any student may be charged for SSAF in 2020 is $308.​​
  • Study Period 1 (SA1) includes, semester 1 and year long units​
  • Study Period 2 (SA2) includes, semester 2 units​
Australian citizens, permanent humanitarian visa holders (resident in Australia) and qualifying New Zealand citizens can:​
  • pay the full SSAF amount up front​
  • pay some of the SSAF upfront and apply for a SA-HELP loan for the remainder​
  • Apply for a SA-HELP loan for the full SSAF amount​

All other students must pay the SSAF up front by the payment due date.​

SA-HELP Loan & How to apply:​
A SA-HELP loan allows students to borrow from the Commonwealth to cover some or all of their Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). Students who receive a SA-HELP loan will have part or their entire SSAF paid to the College by the Commonwealth and a SA-HELP debt recorded for them with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Check for eligibility:

SSAF Invoices will be invoiced up front (separately from your course tuition fees) to your Avondale student email at the beginning of each semester for which you are enrolled.