Adjustment Factors

Avondale understands that some factors may have hindered your ATAR result. In certain circumstances, we use adjustment factors, which are additional points (referred to previously as bonus points) that are added to your ATAR, to derive your selection rank for entry into the course for which you applied. The circumstances are:

  • COVID-19
  • Location/school
  • Disadvantage
  • Elite level sporting committments
  • Indigenous applicants

You will receive five adjustment points, up to 10 points, where any of these factors apply to you. For the Bachelor of Nursing, only five adjustment points apply.




We recognise the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a Year 12 student, we will automatically apply five COVID-19 adjustment points to your ATAR.


You will receive five adjustment points if you:
  • Reside within a 10 km radius of either our Lake Macquarie or Sydney campuses.
  • Reside in a designated regional area.
  • Complete your HSC at one of Avondale‚Äôs target schools.


You may receive five adjustment points if you have suffered hardship because of circumstances beyond your control. Hardship considerations include financial hardship, disrupted schooling, home and environmental responsibilities, and personal illness/disability.

Elite Athletes

If you are an elite athlete, we can provide support services to help balance the demands of study with your sporting career.

Indigenous Applicants

You will receive five adjustment points if you prove that you are Aboriginal or from the Torres Strait Islands.

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