Outdoor Recreation at Avondale

Building on your outdoor skills, this course is both personal and practical. Avondale's Outdoor Recreation courses provide you with professional training at Certificate III or Diploma levels in an exciting array of challenging adventure activities. The courses provide nationally recognised competency-based training qualifications which are designed to equip you for employment in the outdoor recreation, tourism and education sectors. The Certificate III is also a fun gap-year option, which can help you develop as a person in a supportive environment.

Avondale's Outdoor Recreation courses are highly practical and enjoyable, with much of the learning for both courses taking place in the field, giving students the opportunity to travel to various parts of Australia. In the past, trips have included: bushwalking in the Barrington Tops and the Snowy Mountains, sea kayaking around the Central Coast and Queensland and abseiling and climbing in the Blue Mountains.

The Outdoor Recreation courses also provide you with opportunities for networking and building connections to assist with gaining future employment.

The Diploma of Outdoor Recreation is also a pathway to related higher education courses such as the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary).

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Course entry requirements

Entry into the Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation or the Diploma of Outdoor Recreation requires that a student demonstrate they have an interest in outdoor pursuits or a formal outdoor recreation qualification at a lower AQF level and are physically and academically suited to the course.

Specific course entry requirements are:

  • A Senior Secondary Certificate of Education that has been awarded to the student by an agency or authority of a State or Territory for the student’s completion of year 12; or
  • The student is assessed as displaying competence at or above Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) in both reading and numeracy and Avondale reasonably believes that the student displays that competence.

You may, subject to an activity experience and interview with the Course Convenor, obtain direct entry into the Diploma of Outdoor Recreation, which can then be completed in one year.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of these Outdoor Recreation courses can seek employment in the following areas:

  • Sport and recreation centres
  • Wilderness adventure camping and tourism
  • Guiding with commercial adventure-based operators
  • Outdoor education and adventure therapy programs
  • Commercial guiding and instructing
  • Camping and outdoor recreation centres
  • Youth at Risk programs

Building on your outdoor skills, this course is personal and practical.


“It gives me skills that enable me to get out into nature and experience it to the fullest.”
– Outdoor Recreation graduate.