Extend and develop your knowledge and skills in vaping cessation & nicotine addiction to apply in primary and allied healthcare.
Professor Renee Bittoun is a world-renowned tobacco cessation expert and a conjoint professor of Avondale University’s Lifestyle Medicine & Health Research Centre. For many years Renee has led training in tobacco cessation in Australia and around the globe, recently commencing a Sydney-based vaping cessation clinic to respond to the rapid rise in e-cigarette use amongst adolescents and adults.

Melinda Barone, an integrative clinical psychologist and adjunct lecturer at Avondale, will join Renee in teaching behavioural management techniques.

Who will benefit

The Vaping Cessation Masterclass specifically targets health professionals who have already completed some training in nicotine and smoking cessation, whether with Renee over previous years or with other providers.

Topics include

  • Vaping cessation – the evidence: Is vaping cessation the same as smoking cessation?
  • Vaping & particular groups: adolescents, pregnancy, mental health, drug & alcohol dependency
  • Comparison of vaping and smoking withdrawals. Are they the same?
  • Vaping cessation - assessing a patient, valid questionnaires
  • Biomarker tests (practical demonstration)
  • Treatment protocols and plans
  • Pharmacotherapy options & managing withdrawals
  • Behavioural management options – Are behavioural strategies for vaping cessation the same as smoking cessation?
  • Pharmacy role – prescriptions & dispensing
  • Managing diverse patient profiles
  • Case presentations

Course Availability

The training is offered as a full day, face to face course at Avondale University’s Sydney campus or live online via Zoom, on Thursday May 9th, 2024. Early bird discount rates available to those who register before April 14, 2024.

For more information on the course, download the course brochure or contact [email protected]

Download the course brochure

Spaces are limited so please enquire or register now to avoid disappointment.

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March 14 – April 14
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From April 15
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