Avondale's VET courses provide students with the necessary practical experience and ability to be able to adapt their passions and circumstances into job opportunity. Outdoor Recreation courses and the Music Studio Teaching course see students graduate with nationally recognised training qualifications enhancing employment opportunities and providing pathways into further study.

Outdoor Recreation at Avondale

It only takes one adventurer…
to empower exploration and discovery.

Avondale's Outdoor Recreation courses provide nationally recognised competency-based training qualifications which are designed to equip you for employment in the outdoor recreation, tourism and education sectors.

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Music Studio Teaching at Avondale

It only takes one musical practitioner…
to inspire excellence and creativity.

Avondale's Music Studio Teaching course is uniquely designed to prepare its students to teach in conservatoriums, home studios and professional teaching institutions. Graduates will obtain an industry-recognised Music Teaching qualification that meets the training requirements of the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB), and be prepared to sit the CTMusA (AMEB).

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The VET sector provides its students with practical, hands-on experience and the opportunity to create their future around their area of interest.