Adjustment Factors

Applicants who did not attain the minimum ATAR for entry into an undergraduate course at Avondale College of Higher Education may gain entry with the following adjustment factors.

  • Location
    Applicants from Australia will have their selection rank (ATAR or OP equivalent) adjusted up by five points to a maximum of 10 points (for applicants to the Bachelor of Nursing adjustment will be to a maximum of 5 points), where they:
    • are resident in the local region
    • are resident in a remote region
    • have completed their HSC in one of Avondale‚Äôs target schools
  • English score in higher school certificate
    Applicants may gain entry into an Avondale undergraduate degree with an English Score in the HSC exam of Band 4 in the Standard subject level, or higher. This does not apply to the Bachelor of Nursing course.
  • Equivalent offer in an Australian University
    An offer will be given to an applicant when the applicant is able to provide evidence of an offer into an Australian University degree in an equivalent cognate area as the course they wish to enter at Avondale.