Awards and Prizes

A number of Avondale staff have been recipients of an OLT Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. These citations recognise and reward the diverse contribution that these staff members have made to the quality of student learning at Avondale.

Recent recipients include:


Carolyn Rickett awarded 2011 ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

"For inspiring and innovative teaching methods that enable Communication students to develop confidence and participate in authentic learning experiences".


Associate Professor Daniel Reynaud awarded 2009 ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

"For enthusiastic and creative teaching, especially evidenced through the innovative use of war gaming scenarios, that have inspired students to a better understanding of history".


Dr Darren Morton awarded 2008 Recipient of an ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

"For enthusiastically empowering students to embrace healthy, active lifestyles through personal example, genuine concern and the development of exemplary communication skills".


Avondale's mission includes striving toward excellence in scholarship and teaching as well as the integration of intellectual, professional, spiritual and personal values involving contributions by all staff.

In recognition of the diverse contributions made by all staff to the learning experience of our students, Avondale offers a number of Awards for Learning and Teaching Excellence each year.

The purpose of the Avondale Awards for Learning and Teaching Excellence is to recognise both individual and team contributions to student learning and the significance of this contribution to the success of higher education. The Avondale Awards for Learning and Teaching Excellence are intended to affirm those who make special efforts to excel in facilitating student learning.

Each award comprises a prize of $2,000 and a plaque. The prize is to be utilised for appropriate professional development activity. Award recipients are expected to make a presentation to Avondale staff in which they describe their approach to enhancing learning.

Calls for applications are issued each year by the Office of the Vice-President (Learning & Teaching).

Applications received by the due date will be examined by the Promotion and Professional Development Committee and a determination of awardees will be based on the degree to which the application addresses the selection criteria and the extent to which the evidence supports the claims made in the application.

Recent recipients of Avondale Learning & Teaching Excellence Awards have included:



Carolyn Rickett (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts) and Judith Beveridge (Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Arts)

"For enhancing student learning in the Communication program (writing strand) by innovative curriculum approaches so that the theoretical is linked to authentic learning contexts".



Dr Peter Beamish (Dean, Faculty of Education)

"For implementation of technological approaches to learning in Avondale's Teacher Education courses". (Individual Award)



Associate Professor Kevin de Berg (Course Coordinator) & Mr Ken Chapman (Lab Supervisor)

"For the joint development of two innovative approaches to chemical measurement. (Team Award)".



Dr Daniel Reynaud, Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Arts)

"For innovative teaching using Wargaming."



Dr Cedric Greive (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education)

"For the Development of the two unit component of the Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree delivering 'Primary Science and Technology Curriculum".

More information
Further information about Avondale's Awards for Learning and Teaching Excellence is available by contacting the Office of the Vice-President (Quality & Strategy) by email: [email protected] or by telephone: +61 2 4980 2310.