Step 5 - Tuition Fees

Outdoor Recreation

Log into Student Connect and view your current invoice under Finance, this will calculate your tuition fees based on your current enrolment and produce your invoice.

Please note that if you have a Scholarship/Sponsorship/Employee Subsidy being applied to your tuition this will not be reflected on your invoice until after census date (see VET Academic Calendar for relevant date), so in these circumstances please contact Student Finance for a final tuition fee estimate. All this can be done prior to Orientation by email: or phone 02 4980 2108.

Pay the tuition fees by the noted due dates on the tuition invoice
If eligible (Diploma of Outdoor Recreation ONLY), contact the Student Finance Office by email on or phone on 02 4980 2108 for information about fee assistance.

TIP: If your enrolment changes, repeat these steps to raise a new invoice.

Community Health

All Fees are paid on location at the training venue. Please contact your trainer for more information.