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Homecoming 2018
Register for Homecoming, the largest Avondale Alumni event of the year. All alumni and friends of Avondale, and their families, from all years and classes are welcome. The heart of Homecoming: the reunions for those in the 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2008 honour years.


Reflections is a magazine of news, reviews and perspectives produced by Avondale for its alumni.
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The PR professional

Brock Goodhill discovered Avondale on a trip to the college with his Year 11 classmates. The experience of living as an on-campus student beckoned. Brock enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts and would soon specialise in communication. His career trajectory since graduating in 2012 is impressive and has earned him the title Young Alumnus of the Year for 2018.

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Read more Graham Barnett

The wild lad who came good

Nobody attending Avondale with Graham Barnett could forget the brash and distressingly voluble boy from Kingaroy, Queensland. Few would have believed the same lad, now a recipient of a posthumous citation from the Class of 1968 at Homecoming 2018, could become a renowned missionary and administrator who faithfully followed God’s leading.

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Read more Pr Errol Wright

The pastoral and mission minister

Having completed the ministerial course, Pr Errol Wright left Avondale believing if God wanted him in the ministry, He would show the way, and He did. The Class of 1958 is now citing Errol at Homecoming 2018 for following God’s leading into pastoral and mission ministry.

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