Homecoming is the largest Avondale Alumni event of the year. All alumni and friends of Avondale, and their families, from all years and classes are welcome to connect with what will be an online-only event this year. The heart of Homecoming: the reunions for those in the honour years. If you studied or worked at Avondale in 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 or 2010, 2020 is your honour year.

Homecoming 2020 is August 21-22.


Register your interest in Homecoming 2020. You will receive regular updates by email to ensure you: reconnect with your classmates at online honour year and decade reunions; enjoy live streamed worship services and the concert, and; take a virtual tour of campus.


Update (as of August 7, 2020)


The Homecoming 2020 schedule is now live. See it in the Homecoming 2020 event listing on the Avondale news blog or on Facebook.

News Blog: Homecoming 2020
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Online hubs

This page and the Avondale Alumni Facebook page will be the Homecoming 2020 online hubs. Avondale Alumni will begin posting content on these pages each hour from 9 am (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) on Friday, August 21, and from 7 am (AEDT) on Saturday, August 22.

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Honour year reunions

Avondale Alumni has confirmed reunions for the 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2010 honour years. All will use the Zoom videoconference platform.

Honour year reunion: Class of 1960
Saturday, August 22
1.30 pm, Zoom

Host: Richard Anderson, Bachelor of Arts (Education), 1960.

Honour year reunion: Class of 2010
Saturday, August 22
1.30 pm, Zoom

Host: Chantal (Heise) Moaga, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching, 2010.

Honour year reunion: Class of 1970
Saturday, August 22
2.30 pm, Zoom

Hosts: Althea Halliday, Bachelor of Arts (Secondary Education), and Graham Stacey, Bachelor of Arts (Theology), 1970.

Honour year reunion: 1980
Saturday, August 22
3.30 pm, Zoom

Host: Stephen Currow, Bachelor of Arts (Theology), 1980.

Honour year reunion: Class of 1990
Saturday, August 22
4.30 pm, Zoom

Host: Sean McGrath, Bachelor of Arts (Secondary Education), 1990.

Avondale Alumni will publish protected links to these Zoom honour year reunions on this page and its Facebook page. Hosts will also publish links on the applicable honour year/decade Facebook groups (see below).

To enhance your online reunion experience, join one or more of the applicable honour year/decade Facebook groups:


We are seeking hosts for the 1950 and 2000 reunions. If you are interested, contact Alumni Relations Officer Rachel Humphries (rachel.humphries@avondale.edu.au, +61 2 4980 2253).


Download Zoom for free. You do not need to signup for Zoom to join an honour year reunion. After downloading Zoom, learn how to use the Zoom Desktop Client.


Alumni Relations Officer Rachel Humphries will present several video segments over the Homecoming 2020 weekend. These segments will take you on a virtual tour of campus, introduce you to our award and honour year citation recipients, and welcome you to the Homecoming 2020 worship service.

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