Arts Projects

The arts have been integral to the cultural, academic and spiritual life at Avondale College of Higher Education since its founding in 1897. Giving to arts projects ensures the sustainability, maintains the quality and increases the diversity of this tradition.

Avondale Conservatorium

Endow A Chair


Endowing an ensemble director’s chair helps Avondale Conservatorium offer students a quality and a diverse education in music. The ensembles represent Avondale at church and community events. With limited income from enrolment, endowing a chair ensures the sustainability of ensemble music and private tuition at Avondale. A contract for an ensemble director costs $3500 a year.
This project is six per cent funded for 2017.

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Discipline of Humanities and Creative Arts

Jericho Road


Giving to Jericho Road will share the Avondale musical event’s love-loss-faithfulness theme with a wider audience. Your donation will fund the recording of composer Dr Lindsay Morton’s original songs, the release of an album and the publishing of the score and script. Morton wrote Jericho Road to bring healing to Christian couples. The premiere performances in 2017 also provided students with experience in the production of performing arts. Morton and her team need $15,000 to record, release and publish. Donations above $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

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