Avondale Offering

Avondale University College has produced a series of videos and written a series of announcements to promote the Avondale Offering.

The offering, part of the Think&Do campaign, is next collected in Seventh-day Adventist churches across the South Pacific on June 9, 2018.

It supports Avondale’s research centres as they give us a better understanding of Christian education, teaching and learning, health and lifestyle and spirituality and worship.

The video series features a promotional video (2.57). It also includes three shorter interview videos featuring Ellen G White Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre Director Dr John Skrzypaszek, Christian Education Research Centre Director Dr Peter Kilgour and President Professor Ray Roennfeldt.

All videos are available for download in high definition from Avondale’s Vimeo page.

The announcement series includes four announcements—the first introducing Think&Do and the others featuring Christian education, health and lifestyle and scripture, spirituality and society research projects.

Thank you for helping us promote the offering and research at Avondale.