Graduation ceremony

Events: Graduation ceremony

Live stream: Graduation ceremony

Instructions for graduands

The Academic Office needs information from graduands by Friday, November 22, 2019 for the graduation ceremony.

To provide information, log in to Student Connect and:
  1. Select “Graduation Inquiry” from the left menu to see if you are listed as a potential graduand. If you are not and you believe you should be, contact the Academic Office urgently
  2. Select “Graduation Invitation” and respond to each item, including:
    • confirming whether you will attend the graduation ceremony or graduate in absentia
    • giving phonetic pronunciation of your name if necessary
    • identifying special requirements for guests (eg. wheelchair access)
    • requesting the number of tickets for guests


Entry to the graduation ceremony for all guests except graduands is by ticket only. Graduands can request up to four guest tickets via Student Connect and up to two additional tickets by emailing Note: The allocation of additional tickets is not guaranteed and will be considered only until Friday, November 22, 2019. All tickets will be available for collection when collecting academic dress.

Entry to the president’s breakfast is free but by ticket only. Graduands receive one ticket for themselves and up to four guest tickets. Graduands do not need to pre-book tickets but must request tickets when collecting academic dress.


Graduands should:
  1. Sit in allocated seats by 9.30 am—lists outside and marshals inside Chan Shun Auditorium identify seats
  2. Proceed as directed by academic registrar and Academic Office staff members to processional line up

Guests should:
  1. Sit in allocated seats no later than 9.40 am—doors close at 9.45 am
No prams or strollers in auditorium. Speak to an usher to have your pram or stroller stored during the ceremony. Note: You will not have access to your pram or stroller until the end of the ceremony.


Take photographs from seat only—no tripods in aisles on ground floor, against walls on ground floor or on first floor of Chan Shun Auditorium.


Begins service with Avondale College of Higher Education president and Avondale College Council chair leading platform party, academic staff members and PhD graduands. Once platform party, staff members and PhD graduands are seated, graduands should:
  1. Ensure tassel hangs on right of trencher
  2. Proceed as directed by marshals up centre aisle in pairs keeping two metres space between pairs
  3. Proceed as directed by class co-presidents to allocated seat, remaining standing until platform party sits

Presentation of awards

Graduands will receive awards in order as published in graduation booklet. Once PhD graduands receive awards, graduands should:
  1. Stand in rows as directed by marshals and proceed to stairs at left of stage
  2. Proceed as directed by marshal up stairs and across stage to Avondale College of Higher Education president once name is read
  3. Receive graduation folder from president, holding handshake for official photograph
  4. Proceed further across stage to Avondale College Council chair who moves tassel to left of trencher
  5. Proceed to down stairs on right of stage, pausing for another photograph
  6. Proceed down stairs and return to allocated seat

Graduation folder

Academic documents in graduation folder include:
  • Testamur (a certificate of your award)
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (graduates of bachelor degree courses and higher)
  • Transcript of Academic Record
  • Statement of Attainment (students who have partially completed a Vocational Education Training course)
Note: If graduating in absentia, collect graduation folder from Academic Office Monday, December 9-Wednesday, December 11, 2019. Folders to be posted after Wednesday, December 11, 2019.


Ends service with graduates led by class co-presidents exiting row by row down centre aisle.
Note: Exit the foyer immediately and clear the front of the Chan Shun Auditorium to avoid congestion.