International Student Fees 2019

An International student is from any country other than Australia or New Zealand.

All courses other than nursing, are located on the Lake Macquarie Campus.

Nursing students have the choice of studying their first year on the Lake Macquarie Campus or the Sydney Campus. All nursing students will study on the Sydney Campus from the first semester of their second year.

Fee Summary 2019
Fee Summary S2 2018
Fee Summary 2018

Please note all pricing is quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD) and is inclusive of GST.
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Tuition Fees

Total tuition amounts are only indicative and refer to a standard full study load or 4 units (24 credit points). Pricing for individual units (subjects) will vary.

International students from countries other than those in New Zealand are required to pay their fees upfront each semester before being able to enrol.

Fees Per Unit Cost Per Semester - 4 units (24 credit points)*
Standard Cost* $3,025 $12,100

*IMPORTANT: Non-Standard Units will be charged at a higher cost. This may include units that involve professional placements and music performance. For the pricing per unit please refer to the International Full Fees column on the Units Offered & Fees.

Students from the South Pacific Region

These fees are no longer subsidised by the South Pacific Division of the SDA Church. South Pacific Region students pay the same fees as other international students. They are required to pay each semester's fees upfront.

Overseas Heath Cover

The Australian Government requires all holders of a student visa to have approved health cover for the duration of their visa, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Avondale has a preferred arrangement in place with BUPA please contact Admissions to arrange.

BUPA is a well recognised provider of health insurance for international students in Australia. Further information, approximate costs, details about the protection it provides and how students can claim reimbursement of expenses related to their primary health care can be found at

Other Fees

Nurses Uniforms:

Students are required to purchase nurses uniforms in the first year of the course. The cost is approximately $200.

Text Books:

Textbooks are available from the Avondale Book Shop. The average cost for textbooks may vary from $400 AUD to $600 AUD per semester.

Receipt/Invoice Reprinting Charge:

Students who require more than two Tuition or General receipts reprinted or emailed will be charged a $10 fee. Requests must be made via email to and will be processed within 48 hours.

Course Specific Costs:

Students in some courses may incur additional costs for course materials (e.g. teaching aid materials for BEd students, lab fees as well as art and photography supplies for Visual Arts students, coaching charges for PE students) etc. Course Coordinators are able to advise on these details for specific courses.

International Loyalty Discount

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Contact Details

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