Answers to questions you may ask

Avondale University is committed to supporting students, staff members and visitors attending campus. We have a team working to provide up-to-date advice as we respond to changing circumstances.

We are maintaining COVID-safe precautions, but this does not eliminate the possibility of a positive case on on campus, face-to-face teaching is expected to continue. Staff members will endeavour to support students through resources on Moodle if staff or students become unwell.

To maintain as safe an environment as possible, all students, staff and visitors attending campus are expected to adhere to our COVID-safe precautions and not come on campus if you have symptoms.

Below are some answers to specific questions you may have.

These responses are written in accordance with NSW Health COVID-19 advice and Avondale policies. They are correct as at time of publication and will be updated in the repository as needed. Therefore, do not download the document to refer to in future reviews but return to this website to ensure you access the latest details. It is the responsibility of students, staff and visitors to ensure that they comply with the latest NSW Health advice and visit this site regularly for updates.

  1. What additional safety precautions have been put in place to help keep me safe? All classes have been timetabled to maximise physical distancing, where possible. All facilities have been assessed against indoor ventilation guidelines with classes only timetabled for spaces that have appropriate levels of ventilation.
  2. What if I’m ill with COVID-19 and can’t attend classes? As with any illness, support is made in the form of online resources via your Moodle unit website. You are also encouraged to contact your Unit Coordinator to let them know you are unwell and unable to attend classes. This is important if a session has compulsory attendance.
  3. What do I do if I am diagnosed or test positive for COVID? If you believe you may have COVID, stay away from campus and seek medical attention if necessary.
  4. What evidence do I need to provide if I need an assessment extension as a result of contracting COVID-19? As with any illness, evidence is required when applying for an extension. To verify a COVID infection, you can share an image of your positive Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) or arrange completion of a Professional Practitioner Certificate. Other options are available on the Application for Assessment Extension Form information available at this link:
  5. Whom do I contact if I need an assessment extension as a result of contracting COVID-19? Your first point of contact is to check the details at the Application for Assessment Extension Form site available at this link: You can then follow the instructions provided.
  6. Can I catch up on in-class assessments, exams and placements if I have COVID-19? If you fall ill and/or are unable to meet the assessment attendance requirements, the Assessment Policy for Higher Education Coursework Units policy at Section 11, Application For Extension of Submission Deadline for An Assessment Task X, makes provision for exceptional circumstances. You can also contact your unit coordinator. Attendance at placements will be adjusted when a student has appropriate supporting evidence but would may need to be rescheduled to an available time in the future. In the worst case a Tuition Fee Refund Application form can be found here:
  7. If I contract COVID-19 and am ill for several days or weeks, what steps should I take to avoid failing a unit? There are a number of options available to you including resources in Moodle to support your learning and catch up missed work, requests for extensions on assessments, rescheduling of placements, development of a Learning Access Plan if multiple assessments need to be rescheduled. If illness is extended, withdrawal from a unit prior to census date, or the Fail Withdrawal date, or application for a refund of fees if illness seriously disrupts your study and you are unable to catch up the work or complete the unit are options.
  8. What provisions are in place to help me if I miss classes/assessments as a result of providing care for household or family members? Resources are available at the Moodle site for each unit, or you can apply for an extension for an assessment.
  9. If I need time to attend medical appointments relating to COVID-19 vaccinations and/or testing, can I request an assessment extension without requiring a doctor’s certificate? You should attempt to schedule medical appointments around your required academic work as much as possible. However, if unable to do so, you will still be required to provide evidence of attendance at a medical appointment to justify an extension request. This may include a screen shot of your appointment booking or other evidence as listed in the extension request information form.
  10. Am I required to wear a mask on campus? Masks may be required under the NSW Public Health Orders in place at a particular time. At other times, you may choose to wear a mask indoors or outdoors when in groups and when maintaining an appropriate distance from others is difficult. The University supports the wearing of masks even if this is not required under current Public Health Orders.
  11. What will happen where a staff member is not able to be on campus due to illness? Various arrangements are possible. A School will communicate with students about arrangements. This could include delivery online where the staff member is available to do so, provision of additional resources to support the student learning added to the Moodle site, or activities arranged or rescheduled when the absence is short term. In longer term absences by a staff member, the Head of School, in consultation with the University Executive, will make plans about alternate arrangements and advise students.