Higher Education Research Data Collection 2005


A1 - Authored (research)

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A4 - Revision/New edition

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B2 - Major chapter in higher education textbook

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C1 - Refereed article in a scholarly journal

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C2 - Other refereed contribution to a scholarly journal

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C3 - Non-refereed article

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E1 - Full written paper - refereed

Ashton, M., & Henskens, FA. (2005, 16-18 August, 2005). Co-existence of transaction and non-transaction-managed activity in a persistent objects store. Paper presented at the Eighteenth International Conference on Systems Engineering, Nevada.

Fisher, B., Gill, M., & Greive, C. (2005, 24-27 November 2004). Reading adventure packs: a pilot program promoting family involvement in children's literacy attitudinal development. Paper presented at the Multiliteracies and English Teachng K-12 in the age of Information and Communication Technologies Conference 2004, University of New England.

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E2 - Full written paper - non-refereed

de Berg, K. (2005, 13-15 October 2005). To what extent can the pendulum be used as an analogy for a chemical reaction? Paper presented at the Second International Pendulum Conference, University of NSW.

Fisher, B. (2005, 30 Jan - 11 Feb 2005). Promoting biblical literacy in the elementary school. Paper presented at the 33rd Faith and Learning Seminar, Helderberg College, South Africa.

Miller, W. (2005, 10-12 October 2005). Empowerment evaluation: A practical method for evaluating a school breakfast program. Paper presented at the Australasian Evaluation Society International Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

E3 - Extract of paper

Anderson, M. (2005, 5-8 May 2005). The effects of neurobehavioural impairments on family functioning and psychological well-being of relatives of people with severe traumatic brain injury in Australia: A mixed method approach. Paper presented at the 6th World Congress on Brain Injury, Melbourne.

de Berg, K. (2005, 15-18 July 2005). Writing historical case studies for science students which give due consideration to teaching-learning issues and nature of science perspectives. Paper presented at the 8th International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Conference, University of Leeds, England.

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Dooley, M., Gardner, T., & Reynaud, D. (2005). The hero of the Dardanelles and other World War I silent dramas, Video reconstruction of 1928 movie, National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra


J2 - Minor written or recorded work

Fernandez, J. (2005). A dream healed me. In Postcolonial Text (Vol. 1): Open Journal Systems.

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L1 - PhD

de Berg, K. (2005). Co-supervisor of PhD student: Cedric Greive, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. Preservice nurses' understandings of fluid physics: implications for their comprehension of the function of common items of nursing equipment and certain physiological processes.


Anderson, M. (2005). To investigate the effects of neurobehavioural impairments of severe traumatic brain injury on family relationships, External research grant $13,753.80, Australasian Research Institute