Leaving A Legacy

Alumni Heritage Walk

The Alumni Heritage Walk honours all Avondale alumni while supporting the preservation and restoration of the Lake Macquarie campus.

Alumni Memorial Prayer Garden

The Alumni Memorial Prayer Garden honours all alumni who died while studying or serving at Avondale and recognises the soon return of the Life Giver, Jesus Christ.


Bequests are gifts given through a will. They can be in the form of cash, an endowment or a gift-in-kind. Avondale will ensure a donor’s will is prepared without charge by a Seventh-day Adventist trust services director.


Endowments are gifts of cash or property Avondale must invest, with the principal remaining for a set period of time or in perpetuity. Avondale may use the interest from an endowment to provide a revenue stream to support departments, facilities, research, staff members who lecture or students. Because Avondale spends only the interest, an endowment lasts beyond a lifetime.


Gifts-in-kind may include property other than cash, such as pieces of art, books and manuscripts, equipment and land. They may also qualify as tax deductions.

If you believe in leaving a legacy through a bequest, endowment or gift-in-kind, contact President Professor Ray Roennfeldt.

Contact: Ray Roennfeldt