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Bequests, Endowments and Gifts-In-Kind

Bequests are gifts given through a will. They can be in the form of cash, an endowment or a gift-in-kind. We will ensure a your will is prepared without charge by a Seventh-day Adventist trust services director.

Endowments are gifts of cash or property we must invest, with the principal remaining for a set period of time or in perpetuity. We may use the interest to provide a revenue stream. Because we use only the interest, an endowment lasts beyond a lifetime.

Gifts-in-kind may include property other than cash, such as pieces of art, books and manuscripts, equipment and land. They may also qualify as tax deductions.

Contact us if you believe in leaving a legacy through a bequest, endowment or gift-in-kind.

Ruth Webster and Lyell Heise with awards

Awards and Citations

The awards and citations we present at Homecoming recognise your dedication to transforming lives, engagement with learning and discovery and commitment to service.

Recipients of the Alumna and the Alumnus of the Year awards are usually members of a Homecoming honour year. The recipient of the Young Alumnus of the Year award is a member aged 35 and under from the graduation class celebrating its sixth anniversary. Recipients of citations are members of the Homecoming honour years.

Names of the recipients are recorded in an Award and Citation Register.

Read more about the recipients on our news blog.

Barry Oliver and Melanie Windus on the Alumni Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk

The unveiling of a paver in the pathway outside Bethel Hall on August 28, 1999, marked the beginning of a walk honouring you as our alumni.

About 400 alumni have pavers in the Alumni Heritage Walk on our Lake Macquarie campus. Their names are recorded alphabetically with paver row and position in an Alumni Heritage Walk Register.

Honouring legacy is one goal of the walk, raising money was another, with a percentage from the sale of each paver funding heritage capital projects.

While a refurbishment in 2023—the first since the launch—extends the longevity of the walk, it also completed and closed it as a fundraising project.


Our annual yearbook is produced by and for students. It tells the story, through images and words, of transformation through Christ-centred higher education. Browse this collection of past issues to see yours.

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