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Avondale University graduates from 2022 will receive digitally certified copies of their graduation documents:

  • Testamur (graduation certificate)
  • Academic Transcript
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

Additionally, a hard copy of their testamur will be given to graduates at the graduation ceremony.

Documents will be distributed through My eQuals, a secure service used by more than 50 universities and institutions across Australia and New Zealand. My eQuals is a globally recognised, secure online platform providing students with lifetime access to digital academic documents.

My eQuals uses advanced cryptographic security to ensure the integrity of your records and minimise the possibility of document fraud. These documents are certified, legally valid and tamper-proof.

You can securely share your documents with third parties, such as employers, registering bodies and other institutions.

My eQuals is an example of how Australian universities are committed to the Groningen Declaration, which states: “Citizens worldwide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever.”

If you are eligible to receive digital documents from Avondale, we will send you an email with a personalised link closer to graduation.

Learn more about My eQuals

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