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Study Spaces

Both our Lake Macquarie and Sydney campuses have a variety of study spaces, ranging from private rooms to social, interactive spaces, providing a place for every study session.

Lake Macquarie

College Hall

College Hall is one of our heritage buildings, with our student hub located in Lower College Hall. It offers collaborative study and social spaces for all occasions.

Lower College Hall

Lower College Hall offers a variety of study desks and lounges designed for single and group settings. 
An open plan study and social space for students to connect with each other and the pastoral team. 

Snack Shack

Snack Shack is run by the Avondale Student Association, and provides all your study snack needs.

Pool Table

The Pool Table in Lower College Hall is a perfect study break activity.

The Commons

An open plan study and social space for students to connect with each other and the pastoral team located in Avondale University Church.


With private and group study rooms, reading nooks, and study booths, our library offers a range of quiet and interactive spaces.

Crawford Study Room

Capacity: 2

Flemming Study Room

Capacity: 4

Laughlin Study Room

Capacity: 14

Lawson Training Room

Capacity: 20

Paul Landa Study Room

Capacity: 2

Quiet Study Room 2

Capacity: 1

Scholar Centre Meeting Room

Capacity: 10

Stan & Honor Grubb Study Room

Capacity: 4

Rotunda Study Space

Study Booths

Sydney Library

Study Room 1

Capacity: 6

Study Room 2

Capacity: 6

Study Room 3

Capacity: 4

Study Room 4

Capacity: 1

Study Booths

There are a number of study nooks and booths throughout the library.

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For more information visit the Use of Study Rooms → library page.
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