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Register as a Community Borrower

Avondale Libraries are primarily designed to support the learning and teaching needs of Avondale staff and students. Recognising that others will find the resources and services provided by the library useful, membership has been made available to the wider community.
To become a community library member requires registration with the library:
Complete the Online Registration Form
Includes payment of an annual fee and for a membership card
Requires sighting of some form of identification that includes the patron's postal address
Allow 48 hours for processing
Collection and identification sighting is preferred between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Type of Borrower

Community Borrower - includes anyone from the community that doesn't fit under one of the following categories (this includes Sanitarium works) Community library members pay an annual fee of $50
Reciprocal Borrower - Newcastle Uni and High School Students and other universities
Temporary Associate - Other researchers
SPD - Works for the Seventh-day Adventist church
SAH - Hospital Staff
Pensioners rates
High school students (annual fee $22)
Online Registration Form →

Use of Library Photocopiers

Printing is unavailable for Community Borrowers. However, scanning is free! Community Borrowers can use the photocopiers to scan personal files and send them to your desired email address. If scanning books or journal, scanning must comply with Copyright regulations.

Library Services for Highschool Students

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you need to fill out a form available in the library, and a parent or guardian with ID must sign the application form if under 18. For more details, see Community Borrower page.

What is the cost?

The cost is only $22 per calendar year with membership expiring on the 31st December of each year. You will need to renew at the beginning of each year.

What does the fee cover?

You may borrow five books for two weeks with one renewal per item, provided it has not been reserved by anyone else. FREE access to the photocopier/scanner where you can scan your pages and send them straight to your email.

Is there anything I can't borrow?

• Journals and newspapers
• Music CDs, DVDs and videos (these may be viewed in the library)
• Reference, reserve and TMC materials

What happens if I return a book late?

When you borrow an item from the Library a Date Due receipt will be printed and placed inside your book. Please note that all Library correspondence including your reminder and overdue notices will be sent via email. It is your responsibility to check your email and return or renew your borrowed items on time.

Overdue fines are $1 per item per day. Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if you have items overdue or if you owe $5 or more in fines.

Can I photocopy?

Photocopying incurs a charge of 0.14c per page. Ask for the Guest Photocopy card at the Library Information Desk.
Scanning is free. Scan documents straight to your personal email address.

When is the library open?

See our Opening Hours for up-to-date information.

Phone: 02 4980 2257
Email: [email protected]

Library Services for Alumni

Avondale University alumni who live near the University may take advantage of the wealth of resources in the University Library by applying for a free Alumni Borrower Card. This allows the alumnus to borrow up to 5 items from the University Library and use the Library online databases while visiting the Lake Macquarie Campus Library. (No off-campus access to databases, apart from the ATLA database, is permitted)

The Avondale University Library and its associated entities, the Ellen G White/Adventist Research Centre and the Adventist Heritage Centre, house a rich collection of valuable resources. While the services and resources of the Library are designed primarily for the use of Avondale University students and staff, it has long been recognized that alumni, church members and members of the community could also benefit from their use. To become an alumnus and receive your alumni card please fill in the Registration Form →

If you wish to use the library you will need to collect your library card from the Library information desk. See Alumni Borrowing Conditions for further information. As an alumnus of Avondale University, you are invited to access the following Library resources and services free of charge:

ATLAS Serials - Religion for ALUMNI Topics include Bible and archaeology; human culture and society; church history; pastoral ministry; world religions; theology, philosophy, and ethics.It is updated quarterly.

You are invited to join the Friends of the Library - an energetic group of alumni with a passion for learning. If you are a staff member and would like to suggest an item for purchase, use this online form.

Giving Opportunities

Avondale Libraries accepts donations of books, journals, documents and artefacts on behalf of the library, the Ellen G White/Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre and the Adventist Heritage Centre. Items that are not required in these collections are offered to Pacific Adventist University and Sonoma College in Papua New Guinea and Fulton College in Fiji. See for more information.

The Library also welcomes cash donations towards the purchase of for library materials or specific projects.
Current projects include:
Books and audio-visual materials
Purchase of ATLAS religion database for alumni ($1000)
Purchase of six lockable doctoral study desks ($1500 each)
All donations are acknowledged by letter and with a donor plate. 

If you have authored a book or completed a masters or doctoral thesis, Avondale Libraries would be honoured to place a copy in the collection. Contact the Head Librarian on +61 2 4980 2129.

Electronic Resources

AtlaSerials is an online full-text collection of major religion and theology journals. It contains almost one million records from 400 journals plus bibliographic citations—featuring PDFs—with searchable texts of articles and reviews. Coverage areas include Bible, archaeology and antiquities; human culture and society; church history, mission and ecumenism; pastoral ministry; world religions and religious studies; theology, philosophy and ethics.

Access for Avondale University alumni is available on- and off-campus but requires a user ID and password. Note: Alumni can only access AtlaSerials using the link below after receiving a user ID and password.

Request Access → 
Access: AtlasSerials → 

Find links to other free databases on the Avondale University Library database page. Databases with a golden key (Requires_login) indicate a licensed database requiring an Avondale login—alumni cannot access these databases. Databases without a golden key are available to use for free.
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