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For On Campus Students

There are two printers available in the library, you can use these to scan documents, photocopy and print. All printing jobs are sent to these printers. You will need your student card to release your print jobs. Alternatively, you can use the touch screen on the printer to type in your Username and Password.
In Lake Macquarie, both printers will print in B&W and in colour. In Sydney, one printer is B&W only, while the other prints colour.

Instructions to Release Print Jobs
Print jobs are not free – they have a small fee per page. See price list below.
To release your print job at the printer, simply tap your card across little logo that looks like an ID card – this will log you into your account. You have two options here to release print job, you can choose either Release Print Jobs (green bar & button at the top of the screen), or press the Print release button to see the list of print jobs sent to the printer and release from this list. When you press Select and Release Print Jobs you will see what you have sent to the printer, and what it is going to cost. From this page you can also see the option to delete your print job.

Please note: You must select Colour from your computer before printing if you want to print in colour as the photocopier automatically prints black and white. To select colour: File – Print – Printer properties- change output colour to – Colour

Scanning via Photocopier is free. Scans can be sent to your Avondale email or to your Avondale OneDrive account. When you log in with your ID card, the system automatically registers your Avondale email – there is no need to type it in. You can choose different scanning options, such as colour and multiple page scanning. Ask a Librarian for help with settings. Press scanned last page to complete scan and send it to your email or OneDrive.

Scanning via CZUR Book Scanner is free. We now have a revolutionary book scanning solution in the Lake Macquarie library. It will scan faster, with higher definition and extra manipulation options. Login to the MAC computer (using your Avondale login) next to this device in Lake Macquarie Library to use this scanner. note: Copyright restrictions still apply.


Wireless Printing
If you are on the Avondale Wi-Fi, you can send a print job from anywhere onsite (LMC or SYD). This means you can send print jobs from your laptop to any photocopier/printer in the library or the dorms.
Students can choose any of the options listed below to send their print job to the printer:

• Mobility Print (4 drivers installed – double sided and single sided colour and B&W options)
• Web Print (via Papercut online portal,
• Using Avondale email account – email the document to [email protected] (note this option only prints black & white double sided)

Click here to install mobility print drivers or click here to go to Papercut online printing.

Students will need to add credit to their Papercut account via the website before sending a print job to the printer. All print credit is organised online- there is no cash or card payments for printing made with library staff.

Costs per photocopy or print page:

Black and white
A4 Black & White single 10c
A3 Black & White single 12.5c
A4 Black & white double 17.5c
A3 Black & White double 22.5c

A4 Colour single 27.5c
A3 Colour single 47.5c
A4 Colour double 52.5c
A3 Colour double 92.5c

Library staff are happy to assist you with the operation of any of the printers. Please ask at the Loans Desk.


Contact Doug Cloete directly for binding services. This service is only for Lake Macquarie students.

For Distance Students

Material held by Avondale Libraries will be scanned and emailed on request as long as the request falls within the parameters of the Copyright Act:

if you have not previously received a copy of the material
if you intend to use the copy only for private research or study
if the amount copied from a book does not exceed 10% or one chapter, whichever is greater
if the amount copied from a single journal issue is one article, or more than one if they deal with the same subject matter

Use this form to request an item.

For Staff

There are three black and white/colour/scanning photocopiers available in the Library. Use these to scan documents, photocopy or print. All printing is sent to these photocopiers. You will need your faculty card to release your print jobs.

Once you have sent your print job to be printed, simply scan your card across the little black boxes on top of the photocopier and choose either Select and Release Print Jobs or Choose Device Functions (for photocopying). When you press Select and Release Print Jobs you will see what you have sent to the printer, and the cost. You are given the option to either print or cancel your printing.

Scanning is free.


A spiral binding system using plastic binding combs is now available at the book shop.
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