“Promoting creativity and encouraging Seventh-day Adventists and others to be innovative and to do something creative for God, the church and the community is so good.”
Andrew Opis, Director of Communication, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea, 2015

“Manifest ‘re-sculptured’ my thinking about creativity. It was also catalytic—I have been flat out writing, pondering, painting and wearing out my new perspective since attending.”
Rochelle Melville, Lawnton, Queensland, 2014

“Manifest connects you with other creatives from Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, who inspire you to continue using your God-given talents to encourage others. I wish every church member could attend—even those who don’t see the talent they possess.”
Ben Beaden, photographer, Australia Zoo (Beerwah, Queensland), 2014

“Bringing together passionate people creates a collective enthusiasm for better content and better exposure and the courage to bring that about. Manifest has helped ignite a spirit in each person, who now shares the message of creativity and faith with those in their circle of influence. The practice of doing this calls me out of my comfort zone and the limitations of my own confidence. I now have more ideas, new things to do, areas on which I need to build—weaknesses in my writing and thinking that deserve attention. Somewhere among my ‘ordinary’ life, I plan to tackle them since they contribute to who I am as a whole.”
Georgina Hobson, Pomona, Queensland, 2013

“A festival like Manifest is so important to creative people because they often work alone. Getting together with other creatives—bumping up against all their energy and dreams—is enough to make you want to go home and keep trying. The convenors have given a valuable gift to the Seventh-day Adventist creative community.”
Dr Andy Nash, Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Southern Adventist University (Collegedale, Tennessee, USA), 2012