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Feedback and Complaints

Avondale understands that occasionally issues may arise regarding the quality of service or decisions made by the various areas within the University and the complaints process is available for resolution of these concerns.

The Complaint Resolution Procedure covers:

  • behaviour of an Avondale staff member or student which contravenes a policy or procedure
  • the content, design or delivery of an academic program
  • quality of an Avondale service
  • quality of Avondale’s equipment, facilities or resources
  • decisions of university staff regarding non-academic issues
  • behaviour or decisions of third parties such as placement providers, international student agents or contractors.

Lodge a Complaint

The Complaint Resolution Procedure does not cover:

  • academic appeals
  • complaints regarding research
  • maintenance requests
  • work, health and safety issues
  • initial complaints regarding decisions relevant to other policies and procedures
  • the submission of a complaint by staff
  • feedback, which is just a comment and resolution is not expected

For appeals regarding academic decisions such as unit grades or show cause requests refer to the Appeal Procedure (Academic) and the online appeal form.

If your complaint relates to sexual assault or sexual harassment, go to Safety and Welfare. The Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Harassment Policy provides further detail for responding to these incidents.

The following links should be used for maintenance requests or WHS concerns:
Maintenance Request
Work Health & Safety – email [email protected]

Emergency situations

In an emergency you should call 000 and/or contact Security on 02 4980 2333 (Lake Macquarie Campus) or 02 9487 9988 (Sydney Campus).


Avondale aims to maintain a complaint resolution process that:

  • is accessible, impartial, fair and equitable
  • is transparent and consistent
  • is undertaken in a timely and responsive manner
  • ensures that the complainant is not adversely affected
  • is free
  • encourages the maintenance of harmonious relationships
  • where possible, encourages informal resolution of concerns
  • ensures as far as possible, your privacy and confidentiality.


The complaint resolution process includes three steps

  • informal discussions
  • formal complaint submission
  • internal review

There are a range of possible outcomes, including but not limited to:

  • a change to the original decision
  • a commitment by the University to improve existing processes or services
  • penalties under related policies
  • an apology
  • upholding the original decision.

If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction after these three steps, you may seek an external review by an independent body.

Informal discussions

We encourage you to try to resolve your complaint informally before lodging a formal complaint.

Formal complaint submission

You should lodge a formal complaint if you are unable to resolve your complaint informally with the person concerned. You can also lodge a formal complaint as the first step if you do not feel safe or comfortable raising the matter directly with the person concerned.

A formal complaint should be lodged no later than three months after the incident leading to the complaint.

Anonymous complaints will be accepted, however if you elect to remain anonymous it may affect the University’s ability to investigate, resolve and/or respond to your complaint.

If you need help to make a formal complaint you can obtain advice and support from Student Life Services.

You can lodge a complaint using the online form, or by email to [email protected].

You will need to provide:

  • details of the complaint
  • the steps that you have already taken to resolve the complaint
  • the outcomes that you are seeking
  • relevant supporting documents.

Avondale will then:

  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email within one working day
  • assess your complaint and determine the most appropriate resolution process. You will receive an email within 10 working days of lodging your complaint outlining the next steps that Avondale will take or explaining why the complaint will not be accepted.
  • your complaint will usually be resolved within a further 20 working days.
  • You will be notified within 5 working days after the decision is made.

Internal review

If you are not satisfied that the complaint management process has led to a satisfactory resolution, you may apply for an internal review. The process for this review will be outlined in the correspondence notifying you of the decision.

External review

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you may lodge a complaint with an external body such as the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards AgencyAustralian Skills Quality Authority, or Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Your responsibility

You are expected to participate in all processes honestly and respectfully, and to follow any reasonable recommendations from staff for resolution. You should provide requested documentation and all relevant information.

Any student who lodges a frivolous, vexatious or deliberately misleading complaint will have the complaint dismissed and may be subject to disciplinary procedures under the Student Charter Policy and Student Misconduct (Non-Academic) Policy.

Further information and support

If you are unsure of how to commence the complaint process, or require advice during the process contact:

Lodge a Complaint

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