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Ancient History

Ancient History Sourcebook

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Online
BBC Akhenaton
BBC Ancient History Egyptians
The British Museum Ancient Egypt
Theban mapping project

Ancient Greece

Alexander the Great of Macedon
Alexander the Great on the Web
Ancient Greek Culture
Ancient Worlds : The Hellenic World
Homer's Illiad and the city of Troy
The Trojan War : An illustrated companion
Women in Classical Athens

Ancient Rome

BBC ancient History - the Romans
Daily Roman Life
A day in the life of an Ancient Roman
An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers
The Punic Wars

Australian History

Australian Government : Culture and recreation portal
Australian History : Selected Websites
Australian History : Portals & Directories
Australian War Memorial

Conflict in the Twentieth Century

The Balkan Wars : 1912-1913 by Jacob Gould Schurman
Internet Modern History Sourcebook World war I
The Russo Japanese War Research Society
The Second Sino-Japanese War
Spanish Civil war
Trenches on the web
Wars in the Balkans and short history of Balkan countries
The World War I Document Archive
World War II
World War II Documents
World War II resources

General History Resources

Best of History web sites
Medieval Sourcebook
Modern History project
Modern History Sourcebook
Voice of the schuttle - History resources

Imperialism, Colonialism and Nationalism

The Collapse of the Soviet Empire : A View from Riga
Colonial/Post-Colonial Web Sites
Conflict between India, Pakistan runs deep
Dutch imperialism in Indonesia
India Pakistan conflict
Israel and Palestine: A Brief History
Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History
The last years of the Soviet Empire : Snapshots from 1985-1991
The wars for Vietnam 1945 - 1975
Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Background to the Russian Revolution
BBC Persian revolution
British History Online
Class Analysis of the Iranian Revolution of 1979
The Cuban Revolution (1952-1958)
The Cuban Revolution : A Critical Perspective
English civil war : commonwealth & protectorate
The English Revolution, 1647-1649
French Revolution
Internet modern history sourcebook Russian Revolution
Links on the French Revolution
The Nazi Revolution : Germany's Guilt or Germany's Fate?
The Nazi Revolution : Hitler's Dictatorship and the German Nation
The Russian Revolution

Renaissance and Reformation

Medieval Sourcebook : The RenaissanceThe Protestant Reformation
Reformation Europe
The Reformation Guide
The Renaissance
Selected Sources Reformation

United States History

American History
The Library of Congress : American Memory
History : United States
U.S. History Gateway : American History

Women's History

American Women's History : A Research Guide
Australian Women's History
Internet Women's History Sourcebook
The National Women's History Project (NWHP)
Women's History
Women's History