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Corporate Branding

The information on this page provides design guidelines for website content developers as well as internal and contracted graphic designers. 

University Logo

The download link below provides access the dark and light versions of the landscape and stacked university logo. Do not modify the university logo in any way. Please ensure you use the logo in adherence to the university branding style guide.

Download Dark and Light Logos →

H1 Heading - 36pt

H2 Heading - 30pt

H3 Heading - 24pt

H4 Heading - 20pt

H5 Heading- 18pt
H6 Heading - 16pt

Body Text

16pt, at 1.4 line height, font weight 400. All heading and body text is Open Sans font. Spacing after headings and paragraphs is 10pt or 20pt. Do not use bold styling within text elements as bold text implies a link. Use other font emphases such as underline and italics sparingly as to maintain a clean aesthetic.   

Global Colours

Do not use colours other than the global colours within the website style sheet. Colours are to be used as accents rather than strong block backgrounds. 
Avondale Yellow
Avondale Blue
Light Grey
Dark Teal
Light Teal


All buttons have 4pt rounded edges. When a border is used, the thickness of the border is 1.5pt. Use title case with an arrow as the button text. Text size must be appropriate to the application. The button div should have 20pt padding on each side.

Custom Buttons

Buttons may include background colour or image. You can also include text elements within the button.


You may choose to use an arrow following a prominent hyperlink →


Use icons in the FontAwesome library available in the editor. Include appropriate padding in between elements. Do not use custom icons or images as icons.

Padding and Margins

Most elements will require padding or margins. Use a multiple of 10pt spacing where needed in between elements (10pt, 20pt, 30pt, etc...)


The use of photography effects the overall presentation of the website and corporate brand. Use professional quality photography wherever possible. Make sure the subjects are well lit and presentable. Ensure talent release forms have been signed and collected. Use 4pt rounded corners on free standing photographs. 
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