Master of Lifestyle Medicine

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Course duration: Three years part-time
Study mode: Distance education

LocationAvondale Campus - Lake Macquarie
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The Master of Lifestyle Medicine is designed to meet the shifting demands in health care towards lifestyle-based therapies. The course equips graduates with an advanced understanding of the various domains of Lifestyle Medicine and skills in its application.

Major areas of study include:

-        Food as medicine

-        Exercise as medicine

-        Lifestyle medicine for specific populations

-        Nicotine addiction and smoking cessation

-        Physiological underpinnings of chronic disease

-        Psychosocial considerations for the promotion of health and

-        A major research project in Lifestyle Medicine.

Evidence demonstrates that a healthy lifestyle is effective for preventing disease, managing, and in some instances, treating established conditions.

Lifestyle Medicine seeks to treat the causes of chronic disease, which include poor nutrition, physical inactivity, substance abuse, stress, environmental factors, and even issues relating to identity and meaning.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Master of Lifestyle Medicine, graduates will be able to:
  • 1. Explain and critique the diverse elements of Lifestyle Medicine, informed by an integrated understanding of the contemporary body of knowledge;
  • 2. Articulate, apply and evaluate a whole-of-health perspective encompassing freedom from disease through to positive wellbeing;
  • 3. Advocate for the implementation of Lifestyle Medicine informed by an integrated knowledge of the relationship between lifestyle and disease and the underlying causation of chronic diseases;
  • 4. Utilise a research-led methodological approach to develop and present the concepts of Lifestyle Medicine within the context of public health and clinical practice;
  • 5. Communicate the principles of Lifestyle Medicine to a diverse range of recipients with regard to culture, age and gender using multiple forms of communication;
  • 6. Design and apply Lifestyle Medicine interventions in a variety of cultural settings and employ appropriate evaluation processes to monitor and modify the effectiveness of these interventions;
  • 7. Argue for the role of identity, meaning and spirituality in the effectiveness of Lifestyle Medicine interventions and be able to recognise, design, apply and appraise these elements in Lifestyle Medicine interventions;
  • 8. Critically and creatively design, implement, evaluate and communicate Lifestyle Medicine related research.

Career Opportunities

Obtaining a qualification in postgraduate Lifestyle Medicine is beneficial for:

  • Nurses facilitating Lifestyle Medicine specialised care in general/family practice settings,
  • Allied Health Professionals (e.g. nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologists) who wish to offer a more comprehensive service to their patients and clients, and
  • Health educators in corporate, community, and other settings.

Admission Criteria


To qualify for admission, you must have completed:

  • An Australian Qualifications Framework AQF Level 7 Bachelor's degree (or higher) from an accredited university or higher education provider; or
  • An overseas qualification comparable to an Australian Qualifications Framework AQF Level 7 or higher


The following are the specific criteria for admission:

  • Your bachelor's degree must be in a cognate discipline listed under the 06 Health broad Field of Education, as determined by the Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED); or
  • If your degree is not in a 06 Health broad Field of Education, we may consider you for admission. However, you must have completed a minimum of six units (36 credit points) in a health-related area (e.g., a health and physical education major)

The School of Nursing and Health considers applications on a case-by-case basis.


The Master of Lifestyle Medicine is available to domestic students and international students studying outside of Australia. The course is unavailable to international students in Australia on a student visa.


Applicant's who completed their bachelor's degree (or overseas equivalent) in a language other than English must demonstrate English language proficiency by achieving a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 overall with no sub-band below 6.0.

Course Structure


Course duration: Three years part-time
Study mode: Distance education
Maximum time to complete: Five years

The Master of Lifestyle Medicine (course code 2086) requires the completion of the nine units shown below plus the Research Project unit (the equivalent of 3 units).

The units and their usual sequencing are below. Beyond Semester 1 2025, the units repeat in the same two-year cycle:


LMLR50101 Lifestyle Medicine - Past, Present & Future <

LMLR50102 Food as Medicine


LMLR50104 Physiological Underpinnings of Chronic Disease

LMLR50106 Psychosocial Factors in Lifestyle Medicine and Health

NURS50100 Research Methods*


LMLR50105 Exercise as Medicine

LMLR50109 Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation

LMLR50101 Lifestyle Medicine - Past, Present & Future <


LMLR50107 Processes in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Promotion

LMLR50108 Lifestyle Medicine for Specific Populations

NURS50100 Research Methods*


The Major Project

LMLR50120 Major Project in Lifestyle Medicine (year-long, equivalent of three units of work) ^


* NURS50100 is offered in Semester one every year

< LMLR50101 is offered in Semester two every year

^ A student may commence LMLR50120 in any semester of any given year subject to the following conditions:

  1. Previously completed at least six out of eight core lifestyle medicine units
  2. Previously completed the NURS50100 unit or is enrolled in NURS50100 concurrently

To find out more about any of the units listed above, copy the unit code and then search for that unit here.

To find out more about any of the units listed here, copy the unit code and then search for that unit here.

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This course is accredited under Avondale's self-accrediting authority, and it is nationally registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). In 2014 Avondale was granted self-accrediting status by TEQSA. This course is a pathway to becoming a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. For more details, visit the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Website

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"As a GP who has been practicing for a number of years, studying Lifestyle Medicine at Avondale provided a solid foundation... The lecturers were great and interacting with peers from a variety of professional backgrounds was a real highlight."
- Dr Paul Wood, B Med, Grad Dip Lifestyle Med, FRACGP, FASLM.