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Avondale Academic Press

Avondale Academic Press, established in 1994, publishes books and journals that have academic merit and that are consistent with the vision, mission and values of Avondale. The editor of the press is Associate Professor Robert McIver.

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Read journals through Avondale’s Research Repository.

Recent publications

Perceptions of Mission

Perceptions of Mission Held by Teachers in Seventh-day Adventist Schools in Australia and the Solomon Islands (2017), edited by Associate Professor Robert McIver and Dr Peter Kilgour. Learn more

The Biblical Flood

The Biblical Flood: The Context and History of Seventh-day Adventist Understanding (2017), edited by Dr Lynden Rogers.Learn more

Authority, Unity and Freedom of Conscience

Authority, Unity and Freedom of Conscience (2017), edited by Drs David Thiele and Brad Kemp.Learn more

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