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Avondale Student Research Scholarship

These scholarships provide opportunity for students to participate in a program of supervised research. Students can extend their knowledge, develop their analytical and critical thinking, and their communication skills. The scholarship is open to all Avondale students who are enrolled beyond the first year of their course and have a GPA of 5.0 or above.


The scholarship holder (scholar) is required to complete 160 hours of research. This may take place in a block of full-time work, or may be negotiated with the project supervisor to take place part-time over a longer period. Research may be conducted on campus (Lake Macquarie or Sydney) or off campus.

At the completion of the project, the scholar and their supervisor will give an oral presentation of their research. The supervisor will be responsible for organising a suitable format, time and venue for the presentation in consultation with the scholar.


Scholarships are valued at $4000 each, paid in two lump sums. An upfront payment of $2000 is made to successful applicants before the research begins. The remaining $2000 is paid when a final report has been submitted at the completion of the project.

The scholar is responsible for any Centrelink implications resulting from the award of this scholarship.

How to apply

Application opportunities are circulated to students via email as projects become available. Students interested in applying to an available project should complete an application form and submit it to [email protected] in pdf format.

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