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Micro-credentials, Audit a Unit and Non-award Study

Avondale offers other short courses, micro-credentials and professional development. You can also audit a course or undertake non-award study.

Professional Development


Non-award Study

Auditing a Unit

Professional Development

The professional development short courses at Avondale University cover a variety of fields including business, education, leadership, health, ministry and more. They are delivered by experienced professionals and are designed to provide practical skills and relevant knowledge. One of the benefits of our short courses is that they are typically flexible and can be completed within a short period of time. This allows individuals to learn at their own pace and schedule, making it easier to balance commitments.

Whether looking to upskill, re-skill or simply broaden knowledge in a particular area, studying at Avondale can help to achieve these goals. Along with a focus on current industry trends and developments, the short courses may provide an opportunity to expand professional networks. Overall, our courses provide a supportive learning environment for individuals to invest in their professional growth.

Apply for Professional Development

The following short courses are currently on offer at Avondale:

Nicotine Addiction, Smoking & Vaping Training →

Vaping Cessation Masterclass →


Micro-credentials certify achievement in a specific area of study. These professional qualifications can be completed as a one-off or used to gain credit towards a higher qualification at Avondale.

Complete a micro-credential to:
Improve your employability
Ensure continuous professional development
Remain competitive in your area of expertise
Tighten a skills gap in your fast-paced industry
Break into a particular industry post-graduation
Complement an existing degree
Use as credit towards a higher degree
Pursue a personal interest
The following micro-credentials are currently on offer at Avondale:

Food as Medicine →

Nicotine Addiction & Smoking Cessation →

Non-award Study

If you want to keep your knowledge and skills current without taking on a course that leads to a degree or have a personal interest in an area of study, you can enrol in a non-award single unit.

Units completed as a non-award single unit of study may be eligible for credit towards a degree, should you decide to apply for a qualification at Avondale.

Non-award single units are charged per unit of study and paid in full before the relevant census date. The amount charged depends on the unit. Students studying non-award units are not eligible for FEE-HELP or Commonwealth supported places (CSP), including HECS-HELP.

For information about government assistance for financing tertiary study, go to Study Assist.

Units Offered & Fees →


Enrolment is on the provision that there are sufficient places available in the course and that the enrolment does not preclude a student in an Avondale award program from enrolling in the course.
A non-award student will not be permitted to enrol in more than 24 credit points in any academic year.
Non-award enrolment into a course may be permitted provided that the student has appropriate educational qualifications, satisfies the minimum English language requirement, and has met the pre-requisites (if applicable).
Choose from one of the following course codes when you apply for non-award study.
Undergraduate Non-award: Choose course code 4482
Postgraduate Non-award: Choose course code 4073

Auditing a Unit

'Auditing' is defined as listening. When you audit a unit, you may attend lectures but not necessarily associated tutorials, laboratory or workshop sessions. Not included are assignments and examinations, so the credential you will be issued is a transcript with a grade of "AUD". Auditing a unit incurs a fee of AU$264.

Units Offered & Fees →

Micro-credentials, Audit a Unit and Non-award Study

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Use this application form to apply to study a micro-credential or to audit a unit at Avondale.

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Micro-Credential Details

For information about the micro-credentials currently on offer, visit Professional Development and Education.
For a list of units available to audit, visit Unit Outlines.

Declarations and Informed Consent

I understand that:

  • Avondale University (Avondale) is collecting the information in this application for the purpose of determining my eligibility for entry into my chosen course of study.
  • Avondale may disclose my personal information to Australian Government agencies, including Services Australia, where this is required or authorised by Australian law.
  • Information about my enrolment with Avondale may be disclosed if I am claiming or receiving a payment from Services Australia.
  • I am still required to notify Services Australia of any change in circumstances that my affect my payment.
  • Personal information disclosed to Services Australia is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988.

I also understand that:

  • If I do not answer all the questions on this form and supply the necessary supporting documentation, it may not be possible to assess this application.
  • I am fully responsible for my education tuition fees and living expenses while studying at Avondale.
  • I have read and understood the fees and financial policies as per the website.
  • The provision of incorrect information or the withholding of relevant information relating to my application and/or academic transcripts may result in the withdrawal of an offer of a place in a course.
  • I acknowledge that Avondale reserves the right to seek from other bodies verification of the standing of my claimed qualifications.
  • I consent to receiving information electronically and agree to access the correspondence of my Avondale email account and student portal on a regular basis and keep my personal records current.
  • I voluntarily agree to uphold the ideals, standards, and principles set out on Avondale's website and pledge my cooperation.
  • I understand that Christian values and standards as held by the Seventh-day Adventist Church are reflected in Avondale's regulations and rules. I agree to abstain from the use of alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco, in accordance with Avondale's policy on a drug free environment. If my application is accepted I agree to be bound by the rules and policies of Avondale; and
  • Submitting this application indicates that all the information given in this application is factually correct and honestly presented. I acknowledge and accept that the provision of incorrect, false or fraudulent information and documentation or the withholding of relevant information or documentation, relating to this application may result in Avondale University cancelling any offer or enrolment or actual enrolment.
  • Avondale's Privacy Policy is available on the Avondale website.
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