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Values and Expectations

Avondale University provides a quality Christian educational experience based on the underlying values of excellence, spirituality, nurture, service and balance, and welcomes individuals regardless of race, beliefs or background. The following expectations and values have grown out of Christian values, beliefs and an Adventist worldview.

Academic participation

Avondale is committed to scholarly and sound learning. It follows a program of continual academic assessment designed to develop accountability in students. As a student at Avondale, you are expected to maintain regular attendance and active participation in all academic appointments. Avondale academic courses usually contain at least one unit per year which specifically addresses the religious, ethical, and social justice values for which Avondale stands. These compulsory units are integral to the Avondale program.


Avondale values integrity in its own operations and also seeks to develop skilled graduates who will act with integrity and ethical principles in their future personal and professional lives.


Campus life is characterised by kindness, courtesy, and respect for others. Students are expected to demonstrate justice, fairness and equality to all. Any action and/or behaviour that is demeaning or causes physical, emotional or psychological injury to others is not acceptable.

Religious life

Avondale is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Protestant Christian denomination. Religious affiliation is not a requirement for admission, but students are asked to respect the faith, beliefs, mission, and uphold the lifestyle expectations of the church. Avondale offers a variety of worship services to both staff and students. Students are encouraged to attend scheduled chapels, assemblies and residential worship programs, although none of this is compulsory. Sabbath commences at sunset on Friday and concludes at sunset on Saturday. Sabbath is set aside for worship, prayer, Bible study and fellowship. It is asked that you are respectful of the Sabbath.

Health practices

Avondale emphasises the value of a balanced lifestyle. The sporting facilities at Avondale provide students with a wide range of opportunities for recreation. Avondale’s vegetarian campus cafeteria prides itself on its use of quality fresh produce and wholesome and nutritious foods.

Drug-free policy

Avondale has a drug free policy. “Drug free” means abstinence from the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, mind-altering drugs, and from the abuse of prescription drugs. Avondale also upholds all laws which prohibit the possession, use, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances. The possession of paraphernalia and use of “look-alike” or designer drugs is also prohibited. Violation of Avondale’s drug free policy will result in disciplinary action. The primary intent of such discipline is rehabilitative. Persons involved in the promotion, manufacture and/or distribution of these substances may be excluded from Avondale. Furthermore, illegal behaviour will be reported to the police.

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