Graduate Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine

Are you interested in being part of the exciting new frontier of Lifestyle Medicine and want to learn from leaders in the field? Avondale offers two postgraduate courses via distance education, the Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine.

Course highlights:
  • Designed by pioneers in Lifestyle Medicine and units are taught by highly qualified lecturers who are research active in the field.
  • Study online in your own time, allowing you to fit your study around your work, family and lifestyle commitments.
  • Enter via any Bachelor level degree - you don't need a health background.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

It is well recognised that practicing healthy lifestyle habits can prevent many of the diseases that kill the vast majority of people. For example, over 90% of type 2 diabetes, over 80% of heart attacks and about one third of cancers are preventable.

Over the past few decades, a growing body of evidence is showing that not only is a healthy lifestyle effective for preventing disease, it can also be used to manage and in some instances treat established conditions. Lifestyle is medicine! This has led to the emergence of the field of "Lifestyle Medicine", which is defined by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine as "the use of lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of disease".

Lifestyle Medicine seeks to treat the causes of chronic disease, which include: poor nutrition, physical inactivity, substance abuse, stress, environmental factors, and even issues relating to identity and meaning. Hence, Lifestyle Medicine is broad and comprehensive in its scope.

It is widely accepted that Lifestyle Medicine will become increasingly relied upon in the future to combat the burgeoning rise in chronic diseases. The Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate courses in Lifestyle Medicine at Avondale are designed to equip graduates with an understanding of the various domains of Lifestyle Medicine and skills in its application.

Course Details

The Graduate Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine (course code 2085) involves the following eight units that are available on a part time basis (maximum two units per semester). The units and their sequencing are as follows:

Sem 1 (Mar-Jun) 2016:
LMLR50104 Physiological Underpinnings of Chronic Disease
LMLR50106 Psychosocial Factors in Lifestyle Medicine and Health

Sem 2 (Aug-Nov) 2016:
LMLR50103 Determinants of Chronic Disease
LMLR50105 Exercise as Medicine

Sem 1 (Mar-Jun) 2017:
LMLR50107 Processes in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Promotion
LMLR50108 Lifestyle Medicine for Specific Populations

Sem 2 (Aug-Nov) 2017:
LMLR50101 Lifestyle Medicine-Past, Present, Future
LMLR50102 Food as Medicine

The Graduate Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine (course code 2084) consists of any four of the above units.

Admission Information

Students can enter the Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine from any Australian Level 7 Bachelors degree (or equivalent).

The postgraduate courses in Lifestyle Medicine are available to citizens and residents of Australia as well as to international students studying outside of Australia. They are not available to international students who are in Australia on a Student visa.

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Cost of study

The average cost* for each unit in the Postgraduate courses in Lifestyle Medicine is:

Domestic students: $2,020 AUD

International students: $2,747 AUD

* As of first semester, February 2017. Subject to change.

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For more information contact the Course Coordinator, Dr Darren Morton.