Student Motivation

ABOUT the framework

Aim of the Framework

Avondale's Research Training Support Framework aims to improve and enhance the capacity of Avondale's academic staff to supervise honours and higher research by degree students.

Principles of the Framework

Avondale's Supervision Support and Development Framework is based on the following three principles:
Welcoming research community. This framework is based on the understanding that a research community is active, supportive and inspiring. The joy and excitement of research and its application to local and global contexts is acknowledged by those who are involved in creating and using the Framework.

The pedagogy of supervision. By acknowledging that supervision is a form of teaching and that learning about research is part of a postgraduate candidate's role, the pedagogy of supervision is integrated throughout the Framework. As Avondale's vision involves a holistic approach to learning and teaching, stages, processes and resources in the Framework acknowledge academic, affective and spiritual aspects of teaching and learning.

Researcher development. The Framework's processes and resources support research supervisors and candidates to develop research expertise and capabilities, and to share these with other researchers within the Avondale community and wider national and international communities. Expertise and capabilities developed by candidates will be useful for their postgraduate degree and the development of their career.

Framework development

The development of this framework was funded by an Extension Grant from the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT). The researchers on the project team included: Assoc. Prof. Maria Northcote, Prof. Tony Williams, Dr Kevin Petrie, Dr Kayle de Waal, Dr Malcolm Anderson and Assoc. Prof. Brett Mitchell.