Assessment Re-Marking

Notes for Students
This content supports and should be read in conjunction with the Assessment Procedure (HE Coursework).

You can apply for a re-mark of an eligible assessment task if you believe that:
  • your assessment mark doesn’t accurately reflect your performance according to the relevant assessment criteria or
  • an error has occurred.

Assessment tasks which are not eligible for re-marking include exams and tasks where re-marking is not feasible such as presentations, clinical skills evaluations and performances.

Step 1

If you wish to request a re-mark of an assessment task, you should first contact your Unit Coordinator or Lecturer. They will discuss your performance in the assessment task with you with reference to the marking criteria. They will also check that the result has been calculated correctly, but they will not re-mark the work. If there is a calculation error, this will be corrected at this stage.

Step 2

If you still believe, after this discussion, that the mark you received doesn’t reflect your performance, you may apply for re-mark.
Your application must be submitted:
  • within five working days of the return of the marked assessment task, unless there are extenuating circumstances, which must be documented
  • using the “Review of Assessment Mark” application form
  • by email to the relevant Head of School for your course.

Review of Assessment Mark Application Form

You must include:
  • an explanation of the grounds on which the review is sought. It is not sufficient merely to state that there has been an error or an injustice. You must clearly specify the error that you believe has been made in the determination of the mark and how you reached this conclusion, providing evidence and specific examples wherever possible; and
  • confirmation that the assessment task and its mark has been discussed with the Unit Coordinator or Lecturer and a report of this discussion, including feedback provided.

You do not need to include a copy of the assessment task, since this will be retrieved from Moodle by your Unit Coordinator.

Group assessments

All members of the group must agree to apply and must submit individual applications. Any change to the mark will apply to all members of the group.

Grounds for a Re-Mark

Students do not have an automatic right to have an assessment task remarked.
In order for an application for a re-mark to be accepted, you must demonstrate that:
  • the original assessment of the task failed to follow the published assessment criteria and/or
  • it was inherently biased and/or
  • there are administrative or procedural irregularities or a breach of policy.

Applications will be rejected where you cannot demonstrate that at least one of these grounds exist.

The following reasons are not grounds for a request for a re-mark:
  • desire for a higher grade
  • perception of inadequate feedback
  • performance in previous units
  • performance in other assessment tasks in this unit
  • challenges to the learning outcomes, assessment methods or standards required
  • study overload
  • financial implications
  • marks received by other students
  • lack of language proficiency
  • penalty imposed for academic misconduct.

Applications will be rejected where it is determined that the behaviour of a student is having a disproportionate and unreasonable impact on Avondale, its staff, services, time and/or resources.


The Head of School will arrange the re-mark of the assessment task and will appoint a different marker. The nomination of the second marker is at the discretion of the Head of School and this marker will remain anonymous to the student.


The result of the re-mark will be recorded as the final mark for the assessment task. You should note that the new mark may be the same, higher or lower than the original mark. The second marker will not provide any comments or feedback for the student.

An assessment task can only be formally re-marked once. You may not appeal the outcome or request any further review.

The Head of School will email you regarding the outcome of your application.


Should you consider that due process under the Assessment Procedure has not been followed, you may lodge a complaint as per the Complaint Resolution Procedure.