Databases - FAQs

What is a Database?
A database is a huge, online collection of journal articles. Some databases also include conference papers, book chapters, reports, dissertations, books and other types of information.
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Note: Journals are also called periodicals or serials.

How do databases differ from PrimoSearch?
A database is a vast online collection of journal articles.
PrimoSearch searches those databases, but also shows which books, journals, DVDs and other items we have on our shelves in the library.

How do I know which print journals Avondale University subscribes to?
Use PrimoSearch and search for the name of the journal. It will give you the location (call number) of the journal, and the issues held.

My browser won't connect to some databases, or won't let me download PDFs from ProQuest, because it says the connection is not secure. How can I fix this?
A number of databases have recently undergone some changes that might result in a message telling you the site is not secure, or you might have difficulty downloading pdf documents. The good news is: in most cases, it takes just a few mouse clicks to add an exception and fix the problem. Follow the prompts on the screen e.g. click ‘Advanced’, 'Proceed' or 'Continue' until you have added the database as an exception to your browser’s rules. A few quick clicks and you'll be okay again. In Chrome, if PDF downloads are the problem, right-click the 'Download PDF' link and select 'Open link in a new window.' If you're still having trouble, send a screen shot to a librarian for help.

How do I find articles from a specific journal title eg Education Digest?
First find if the journal is available on the Library databases by using Journal Titles A-Z (link from the PrimoSearch page). If it is, you will be told which databases accesses that title. Click on the database and then select the year, volume etc or type in the name of the article or author in the search box.

How is searching databases different from searching the Web?
Articles from databases contain more reliable and researched information than material on the Web. Many articles are peer-reviewed.

What's the difference between 'Journal' and 'Journal article'?
I am looking for articles but it seems that every article is either not there, or I am asked for a password or they want me to pay! What's the deal?
The specific journal article I'm looking for is not in my results. Where else can I look?
I have found just the article I want - but it's not full text. Is there any way I can get this article?