How do I scan?
At the photocopier, press SCANNER on the left bank of buttons
Select MANUAL ENTRY and type in your email address and press OK
Press the large green START button on the right for each page you scan
Press #ENTER to send your document as a PDF attachment to your email

How much does it cost to scan?
Scanning is FREE

I want to scan in colour
Press SETTINGS and SCAN TYPE and select colour option

My scans came through with the bottom half of each page missing
You probably had the wrong size selected.
Select SETTINGS and SCAN SIZE and select the size you want to scan

My scan didn't come through to my email
1. Check you typed in the correct email address
2. Be careful you don't scan more than 25-30 pages at any one time. Less if your scan is in colour. If you need to scan more pages send them through in batches of 25-30 pages only. They will come through as PDFs which you can combine later.

How does the scanned item come through?
Your scanned item will come through to your email as a pdf attachment.

My email address disappears after I press ENTER
Sorry, but you will have to type in your email address every time you press ENTER. Unfortunately there is no way you can save your email address.