Borrowing from the Library

Borrower Responsibilities

Your library card is the Avondale ID card with your photo. Please present this card to borrow any items.
You may borrow up to 15 items for 14 days.
Please do not loan your card to anyone else as you are responsible for all items borrowed on your card - by yourself or by another person using your card. To prevent unauthorised use, report lost cards to the Loans Desk staff.


To renew a loan
Loans will now be automatically renewed when approaching the due date. Two days before an item is due, you will receive an email notifying you that your items have been renewed. This will allow you to borrow your items for an additional 14 days. This process will happen twice before items meet their renewal limit.

The automatic renewal process allows you to have items for a total of 42 days (6 weeks). If another patron places a hold on a book currently out on loan, the loan period will be cut short and the item will have to be returned within 7 days.

You can renew items yourself via Primo Search (see instructions below under Managing your Library records online), by telephone during library hours (02 4980 2257) or in person at the Loans Desk or self-loan kiosk. Items may be renewed once. Items that are on hold for another borrower cannot be renewed and must be returned immediately they are due.

Overdue items
Overdue items must be returned.

Extended Loans
If you are going on a professional experience program or require items over the mid-semester break you can arrange for an extended loan period. Ask at the Loans Desk prior to your departure.

Request An Item
If you need to borrow an item that is already on loan you may put a hold on the item by requesting it. This may be done via Primo Search (see instructions below under Managing your Library records online). You will be notified when the item is returned. If you need help with this please ask at the Loans Desk or view the Request an Item on Primo

All borrowed items, including Reserve items, should be returned to the Returns Box in the library or through the after-hours chute. The after hours chute is located at the entrance to the White Building before you enter the library.

Save Money!!
No one wants library fines. To reduce the possibility of incurring a library fine, please read the following information carefully.

A courtesy notice is sent to your college email account two days before the item is due back in the library. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to return your books on time. Keep your DATE DUE slip in a safe place or put a reminder on your mobile phone!

Another notice will be emailed to you on the third day an item is overdue. Check your college email account for these notices. Overdue books incur a fine of $1 per day per item.

If you have $10.00 or more in fines you will not be able to borrow until it has been paid. Remember, you will have received a Date Due receipt with the item borrowed. If you need an item longer, LOG IN to renew it before it becomes overdue.

To pay fine by credit card, Online Payments - Library. If immediate access is needed, you will then need to inform the library staff of payments and show receipt, otherwise the payment will be taken off your account within 5 working days.

Overnight/weekend loans of RESERVE ITEMS incur a $1.00 fine per hour or part thereof if they are late.
Items on Reserve may be borrowed for:
  • As long as you like in the Reserve Room
  • Overnight - from 4pm to be returned by 9am the next morning
  • Weekend - from midday Friday to be returned by 2pm Sunday

Waiving of fines
Library staff are not permitted to waive fines. If you believe a fine is incorrect or unfair you can appeal for the fine to be reduced or waived. Failure to receive or read library emails or failure to check My Library Record on Primo Search are not valid reasons for an appeal. "I forgot" is also not a valid excuse! If illness is a factor you will need to produce a doctor's certificate.

If you feel you have a valid case for requesting that your fines are reduced or waived, please fill in this form

Managing your Library records online

Online Transactions
Login to Primo Search to view your library record, to renew your books and to place a hold on a book.
Your personal library record can be accessed online in the following way:
  • Go to Primo Search
  • Click Sign In (Top right of the page)
  • For Avondale Students/Staff Click Login for Avondale Students and Staff
  • Sign in with your network username and password. Then Click Sign In
  • Click My Library to view your account details

To View what you have on loan
  • Click on My Library in the upper menu bar.
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Loans to view a list of items you have on loan.

To renew your loans
  • Click on Renew or Renew All

To view your loan history
  • Click on Loans History to view a record of the items you have borrowed previously.

To request an item which is currently on loan
  • Search and find the item in Primo Search
  • Click on Availability.
  • Sign In as outlined above
  • Click on Hold and fill in the details
  • Click Request

Signing Out
  • Always click Sign Out after accessing your details to maintain your privacy.

If you would like to suggest an item for purchase use this online form