International Applicants

CRICOS Provider 02731D. Avondale University College Ltd.

Global Education

Australia is the first choice for many students from all over the world. Graduates from Avondale have been very successful in finding employment internationally with many holding prominent positions in business, government and church organisations. Australian qualifications are globally recognised.

Avondale's Role and Status

Avondale is unique in the Australian Higher Education system. We are the only Seventh-day Adventist institution in the nation providing higher education, and one of only a few post-secondary institutions offering studies with a Christian perspective.

Avondale is listed on the Australian Government CRICOS Register of institutions and courses approved for international students. The Australian Government Tertiary Education Standards and Quality Agency (TEQSA) accredit each of our courses.

Why Avondale?

Avondale is a great option for students wanting to experience Australian culture in a safe environment, living and studying alongside others with Christian beliefs. Students of all faith traditions will find the campus community to be accommodating and friendly. Our campus is drug and alcohol free with no smoking and a vegetarian cafeteria.

Avondale is a small institution with excellent student staff ratios, providing a nurturing and supportive study environment. Avondale has a rich history and offers students a unique experience through community and lifestyle. It is so much more that what happens in the classroom – we are a better place because of our students.

What do our student's say?

"I came to Avondale as an international student for the unique opportunity of combining my studies with travel in a country I’ve always wanted to explore! The best thing about Avondale is how friendly all the students are; it’s easy to find friends as soon as you arrive. Living in the dorms especially allows for a good balance of having a social life and still having time to study. One of my favourite things to do on the weekends is to go into the city with friends or spend time at the beach. Café Rejuve is a great spot to hang out at on campus as well!"

- Ashley Cotter, Bachelor of Arts -

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